About Us

In an industry with ever-increasing demand for results, we have devised a means to continue to deliver services that put us ahead of the competition by anticipating what our clients’ needs will be and developing solutions for them before they come to bare. We also realise that our clients’ continue to up their cleanliness expectations as taste and style are shaped over a lifetime. This awareness drives us relentlessly to innovate on ways to meet this ever-changing demand, by going beyond the status quo and seeking partnerships that will position us at a vantage point as the first choice of call for our clients. We also pride ourselves in our global partnerships that help us meet these cleanliness solutions for our customers, by seeking reputable and experienced partners across the world, companies which have mastered the technical, mechanical and material art of cleanliness. These partnerships go a long way to prove that our good standing reputation precedes us.

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Our Approach

Our approach consists firstly of understanding what our clients’ needs are, at the same time helping them understand their ‘bigger pictures’ in terms of the implications, cost, methods and alternatives as we provide solutions to meet these needs. We do not generalise our clients’ needs which experience has proven may be unique in some ways. It is therefore, a major part of our process to engage our clients to understand their cleaning needs with any specificity involved, while drawing their attention to issues not considered or arising from the services we offer. In this way, we create solutions that outlast the problems and build relationship composed of trust and understanding.



Our management comprises industry –wide professionals with experiences that cut across business development, sales and marketing, product development and innovation, project management and consulting. With this wealth of experience, this group has proven their ability to deliver our services with the highest possible standard of professionalism and ethics that conforms to global best practices. Their business acumen also shows clearly that they can innovate beyond the odds to deliver a more excellent service in a highly competitive environment.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

While we offer the best solutions to our clients’ cleanliness problems, we make the effort to achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives. As part of our ethical based approach to work and heightened fascination for the environment, we strive to achieve social and environmental sustainability by using eco friendly materials in our services. This is done with a cost saving consciousness as well for our clients. Our products are also carefully chosen to fit our eco friendliness requirement without compromising our quality or competiveness. We always aim at minimising the negative societal impact of our processes and act in conformity with societal expectations.

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Training and development

The value we place on our staff makes us continue to invest in their professional and creative development. We achieve staff development by organising brainstorming sessions and team huddles with the aim to sharpen the ability of our members of staff to think outside the box. This also imbues in them an attitude to deliver solutions for the seemingly impossible problems they face at our clients’ sites and a consciousness of excellence in service delivery. We also operate a flat level management style in which the opinions and contributions of all our staff, irrespective of rank or status are considered with the keenest interest as they are both the image of the company on the field and the main point of interaction with our clients’ problems. At Swissmarkk, we see all members of staff as one result-oriented team. This value further helps us solidify relationships among staff and creates the framework to build the same with our clients.

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Mission & Vision


To deliver cutting edge services and supports by continually developing innovative cleaning solutions in the most cost effective way.


To position Swissmarkk as a world class brand‎, recognized for its people and performance.To sustain the brand for a life time through its values of Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation and Quality service


A culture of creativity, Respect and integrity against all odds.

Service With A Smile



We always strive to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients as a way of staying ahead of the competition. Our high level of integrity has clearly enhanced our partnerships across the globe, and we consciously strive to maintain it.


Our approach to services is highly ethical. By this, we are able to deliver an enviable quality for the solutions that we bring to our clients.


We continuously anticipate what our clients’ cleanliness needs will be in the future and develop methods and solutions to cater for these needs. This also helps us stay ahead of the competition.


We approach service delivery with excellence in mind and with the aim of producing the best possible results in the industry. This is achieved by our compliance with and drive to surpass the best known global practice in the industry and deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients.